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Imagine a truly delicious sweetener with no artificial ingredients, no bitter aftertaste, no negative side effects and virtually no calories.  For those of us who love a sweet taste but must avoid using sugar, such a sweetener has existed only in our dreams.

Now Sweet Sensations is here to make the dream a reality! 

Sweet Sensations, when used with the Dulci Berry Miracle Fruit, will bring you the sweetness you crave with none of the negative effects that have been a part of every artificial sweetener on the market until now.

All the more revolutionary, Sweet Sensations offers you a choice of four different specific sweeteners: one especially for coffee; one to enhance, sweeten and lightly flavor tea; one to sweeten fruit and vegetable juices; and one for use with desserts or treats, to bring out a sweet flavor without sugar.

Give yourself a Sweet Sensation today!

When you are ready for a beverage, snack, or meal, begin by having a Dulci Berry. Put it in your mouth and nibble the skin and pulp from the seed. Remove the seed from your mouth and discard. Allow the skin and pulp of the fruit to move around inside your mouth, especially over your tongue, for at least 10-15 seconds before swallowing. (The Dulci Berry has a mild, pleasant flavor. Its “miracle effect” lasts for up to an hour after consuming the berry.)  Now you are ready for a Sweet Sensation!

Sweet Sensations Coffee Sweetener:

Get ready to experience a sweet cup of coffee or espresso without any sugar! Just add a packet of Sweet Sensations coffee sweetener to your favorite coffee, and you will enjoy a truly sweet sensation with no aftertaste and no negative long term side effects. Our Sweet Sensations coffee sweetener also works well with non-dairy creamers and any vegetable-based milks such as almond, soy or rice milk. Avoid using with dairy products, and savor a healthy, guilt-free, sweet cup of coffee!

Recommended rate: 1 packet per 8 oz.


Sweet Sensations Tea Sweetener:

Enjoy a sweet cup of tea with a delightful hint of fruit flavor. Pick a packet of Sweet Sensations tea sweetener, selecting raspberry, strawberry or peach flavor, and enhance your cup of tea to become a delicious, satisfying and calorie-free snack. Use hot or cold!

Recommended rate: 1 packet per 8 oz.



Sweet Sensations Juice Sweetener:

For a healthy power punch of nutrition and low-calorie energy, choose a blended fruit and vegetable juice. Blend it yourself, or pick one of our own Dulci Berry Geyser juices. Add the Sweet Sensations juice sweetener to further enhance all the flavors and bring out the sweetness. You will have a delicious and satisfying drink which is also highly nutritious and beneficial... what could be better!

Recommended Rate: 1 packet per 8 oz

Sweet Sensations Dessert & Treat Sweetener:

If you are managing your blood sugar level or on a weight loss program, you know that the key is to control your body chemistry in order to avoid crashes or cravings. This Sweet Sensations sweetener will be your “miracle partner,” to transform a healthy snack which will keep your chemistry stable into a treat which will also satisfy your demanding taste buds. Imagine having a half grapefruit or bowl of mixed fruit, and enjoying it as much as a rich dessert. Or when you want a truly decadent experience, make a crepe (check our website for recipes) and know that your dessert will be much healthier and much less caloric than its rich cousin.


Free yourself from sugar addiction and avoid unhealthy side effects of artificial sweeteners! Enjoy a Sweet Sensation now!