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A Healthy Heart

The No. 1 cause of death in the United States is coronary heart disease. Stroke is the number 3 cause of death in the United States.

The best alternative is to implement and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Good nutrition and regular exercise are essential components. Easier said than done!

The unhealthy fast food world, the lack of time due to our busy schedules to have a good nutritional lifestyle. the  unhealthy processed foods; just to name a few, makes it harder and harder to find sound and practical alternatives.

Our company has come up with the Dulci Experience and the introduction of Dulci Berry and other Dulci Products. With these options anybody can have a fast, easy to make, practical, convenient, and heart healthy meal with great taste.

Another fact - most healthy foods lack that tasty component that we crave so much. What about giving up sweets or having to reduce them because of their unhealthy consequences. It is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you have to eat day in and day out foods lacking flavor; making big sacrifices in the name of a healthy heart.

Our concept is simple; replace one or two components of your daily meals with our Dulci Recipes containing Dulci Seasonings and take before each meal a Dulci Berry or any other Dulci presentation. The recipes are all simple and fast to prepare. You won't be compromising taste but will be eating healthier; with fewer calories, less saturated fat/low in cholesterol, low in sodium, less sugar, less artificial sweeteners.

Use your favorite foods and incorporate Dulci Seasonings in them; for example: prepare your favorite salad, pasta, or fish and apply our Dulci Seasonings - have a Dulci Berry and check the taste. There is nothing complicated or difficult.

Our recipes come from The American Heart Association presented in their books entitled:

"Low-Fat, Low Cholesterol Cookbook", and"No-Fad Diet - A Personal Plan for Healthy Weight Loss"

This is what Life Magazine says: "Straight, professional advise from the highly esteemed organization".

Our concept is easy to incorporate in our busy lives; it will become a great facilitator toward a healthy heart. Try it! There is nothing to lose and much to gain.

Browse our Dulci Recipes under "A Healthy Heart " to learn more. We're sure they will become great allies in the fight against the disease.

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