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About Us:

Miracle Fruits Exchange is a family-run business owned by the Mozie & Aristizabal families. Our main offices are

located in Southwest Ranches, Florida with offices also in Brooklyn, New York.

The Company started producing Miracle Fruit over 20 years ago. Not enough growing information was available in

those days and the business grew through trial and error. Working through the early frustrations served to make us

stronger and we are now the largest Miracle Fruit Producer in the world. Every person within our company

becomes part of our extended family and we encourage them to grow along with us.

Thanks to the extraordinary attributes of this intriguing fruit, the demand for Miracle Fruit is growing at a rapid pace,

creating a challenging environment for everyone in the Company. We love the challenge, but above all we thrive

knowing the health benefits and pleasurable experiences we're bringing to millions of people... THIS IS WHAT


Even though Miracle Fruit has been researched extensively, we're still discovering its wonders! More research is

being performed every day.

At the present time we have production in Florida and abroad. This is contributing to the increase of our fruit supply,

with tens of thousands of trees under production.


The company follows strict production, environmental and food safety standards, applying best management

practices to assure our customers that our products are safe and have the highest quality.

The company has been audited by Primus Labs for Food Safety Standards and also has been HACCP Certified.


Our Team

Mr. Jose Fernando Aristizabal an Agricultural Engineer with post-graduate studies in Crop Science with an extensive experience growing different crops and managing agricultural enterprises.

Mrs. Liliana Urrea with Master Degree in Food Science and Technology assisting with post harvesting and product handling. She's also in charge of our Food Safety Program.
Chef Ian Kleinman responsible for recipe creation & development. His goal is to facilitate the use of tasty and healthy foods for a better lifestyle; thanks to Dulci Berry-Miracle Fruit.
Dr. Linda Bartoshuk, a company advisory for research strategies with Miracle Fruit. She has an extensive experience researching the Miracle Fruit. Dr. Bartoshuk's curriculum includes many research papers, honors, fellowships, and is a member of many Professional Societies.

Some of the papers written by Dr. Bartoshuk are:

Linda M. Bartoshuk, Robert L. Gentile, Howard R. Moskowitz and Herbert L. Meiselman. Sweet Taste Induced by Miracle Fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum). Pioneering Research Laboratory, U.S. Army Natick, Massachusetts01760.

Linda M. Bartoshuk, G. P. Dateo, D. J. Vandenbelt, R. L. Buttrick and L. Long, Jr. Effects of Gymnema Sylvestre and Synsepalum dulcificum on Taste in Man. Pioneering Research Laboratory, U.S. Army Natick Laboratories, Natick, Mass.

Mr. Andrew Annor Apo, Associate in charge of coordinating and managing production as well as international affairs.

Our Office/Customer Service Personnel: 

Thanks to their valuable and tireless work, we're able to grow while continuing to provide great customer support.

Our Farm & Field Personnel:  They work hard under great heat and humidity to keep our trees healthy and productive so that our customers can enjoy our precious berry - Dulci Berry Miracle Fruit. They are essential to the success of our Company.


About Curtis Mozie

For several years, I've been cultivating my 'field of dreams.' The miracle fruit is an amazing wonder of nature, and I'm on a mission to inform people about its 'magic.'

A Day In The Life Of A Miracle Fruit Grower

I was born October 9, 1943, in Blakely, Georgia. Presently I reside In Fort Lauderdale, Florida with my wife Pearl. We are the parents of three adult children and the grandparents of four.

When I was young, my parents moved to Hallandale, Florida. This was in 1947.

Growing up in Hallandale, there were many descendants from the Bahamas who brought a variety of fruits and vegetables to Florida. These included mangos, sugar apples, hog plums and guavas.

Later in my adult life, I began to reminisce on my childhood experiences. I fondly recollected many of the fruits which I grew up with and were so plentiful then, but are not available in local supermarkets today.

Especially the hog plum, so I decided that I was going to buy a hog plum tree.

I went to a nursery in Davie, Florida that sold exotic fruit trees. When I inquired about the hog plum, I was asked "What do you know about a hog plum?" and I replied," There were many hog plum trees being grown in Hallandale, Florida when I was a child". The next question asked was," Do you know what a miracle fruit is?" and I replied no.

My nursery attendant explained to me the wonder of the Miracle Fruit. She stated that after eating a miracle fruit anything sour or acidic would taste sweet.

Of course, I didn't believe it but I was very curious. After eating a miracle fruit and tasting a lemon I was excited, amazed, and overjoyed to experience a fruit of this nature. I felt everyone should be made aware of this fruit!

That same day, I purchased my first miracle fruit tree and later began researching everything I could find about the fruit. Twelve years later after purchasing my first tree, I harvested approximately 1,000,000 berries. I had seeds, fruits and plants for sale. Even though there was no demand for the fruit at that time, I strongly felt there was going to be a market for the fruit one day.

In 2007, I received a call from a gentleman one week before the Super Bowl. He wanted to purchase some fruit. After his experience with the fruit he wrote about it on his blog on the internet, and the word spread.

Thus began the business of Miracle Fruits Exchange Inc. For the past 20 years, I've personally planted and attended thousands of trees, improving my growing technique in the process.

Thank you for your interest in our company. If you have any comments on our site or would like to share your thoughts with us, we would love to receive them.

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