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Weight Loss Plan


Start by including your goals from the Free Weight Loss Goal


How many pounds you want to lose? ____________

How many days a week you plan to exercise? ___________

What’s the maximum amount of calories you can consume/day to achieve your goal? __________



Starting Date: ____________

Initial weight: _________


Monthly Food Consumption:


Create a spreadsheet with 31 days and fields to write the food/recipes consumed daily and the caloric count. Have a starting date and a finishing date.


Finishing Date: ___________

Final weight: __________


Also, the system shall allow the person to record the days in which exercise was performed, what type of exercise and how many calories where burned.


Calculate daily average caloric intake and compare it with the goal after the exercise calories have been deducted. Also, calculate the weight loss in the same period. Calculate the amount of calories burned from exercise and deduct them from the food consumed. Come up with nice sentences either praising the person or reprimanding her/him because the monthly goals were not achieved. Make this personalized by calling the person’s name, for example: Gustavo, Congratulations your performance this past month was outstanding, keep up the good work!


The system has to have the capability of repeating this same process during a 12 month period. The system should be able to keep in storage the collected data to compare previous periods with the present one and/or add the values and store them.


This collection data tool should serve as a motivational/goal oriented tool and a record keeping facilitator.


Do the same with Diabetics. The data to collect is glucose levels and food/recipes consumption.

How often should I check my blood sugar level?

It is important to monitor your blood sugar on a regular basis. Ask your doctor how often you should check your blood sugar level and at what time of day. You'll probably need to check your blood sugar level more often at first. You'll also check it more often when you feel sick or stressed, when you change your medicine or if you're pregnant.



Do the same for Healthy Heart: The data to collect is cholesterol & blood pressure.