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Discounts For Club Members

As a club member you'll receive the following discounts:

With any purchase of Dulci Berries or any Dulci Product like Dulci Trickers, Dulci Trits, Dulci Lolly Pops, or Dulci Gum you will receive 15% more product free of charge with your order. Shipping & Handling charges will apply.

A coupon for extra free product will be sent with each order to be redeemable in your next purchase.

When purchasing Dulci Seasonings you pay the following prices:

No. Dulci Seasonings Price per Unit  
5 – 6
$4.85 each
instead of $4.95 each
7 – 11
$4.80 each
instead of $4.90 each
12 – 19
$4.60 each
instead of $4.70 each
20 or more
$4.30 each
instead of $4.40 each

Shipping and Handling charges will apply.